Jul 29, 2014

High School Parking Fees Unfair

Letter to the editor from Kaleigh Schleicher as part of a journalism assignment.

High School Parking Fees Unfair

Dear Editor:

 I am writing to you today about being charged unfairly to park at the high school.  Only students are charged a fee to park.

 My reasons for believing this is unfair are because our school already charges for busing, sports, and other necessities.  Even though charging for these things is necessary for our school system, it does add a financial burden.  Parking in the lot is a cheaper option than busing, and for students who have cars it is a more practical solution.

 However, I believe it is unfair to students that the spot can be taken away as disciplinary action, once a student has paid for it. It is a privilege for a student to park in the lot, if they weren’t charged to do so. Once paid for it isn’t fair to lose the spot as a form of punishment.

 I am asking that administration review the parking lot situation and make the lot either a pay lot or a free to park lot with a privilege to do so for students.

 I think making the lot free to park for everyone is the right thing to do!


Kaleigh Schleicher


Norton High School

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