23 Aug 2014
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Nancy Holmes Wins 2012 Norton Middle School Geography Bee [VIDEO]

Eighth grader to move on in next step of the competition in a quest to win a $25,000 scholarship.

The Yaghan were a nomadic tribe indigenous to Tierra del Fuego, an island group that is divided between Argentina and what other country? The 2012 Norton Middle School Geography Bee winner Nancy Holmes could tell you that the answer is Chile.

After a few rounds of world trivia, the eighth grader bested nine schoolmates Thursday. As a result, Holmes donned the purple jacket of victory as she received her first place certificate. Eighth grader Amanda Flicop was the runner up.

Other contestants included sixth graders Lucas Combs and Matt Anderson, seventh graders Mackenzie Dwyer, Connor Gilbert, Ryan Hutchins and Hayden Switzer and eighth graders Amanda Flicop, Andrew Berglund and Wyatt Simmons.

In the next step of the competition, Holmes must take a written test. If she is among the top 100 scores in Massachusetts, she will go to the State Championship April 5. The winner of that competition goes to Nationals May 20 through 22 and has a chance to win $25,000 college scholarship, a lifetime membership in the National Geographic Society and a trip to the Galapagos Islands.  

To see more of the competition, check out the attached video.

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