Jul 29, 2014

Norton Still in Need of New Superintendent

School Committee unable to come to agreement with Ann Bradshaw for contract negotiation.

Norton Still in Need of New Superintendent

    After multiple negotiation sessions with Ann Bradshaw, the School Committee was unable to come to an agreement on contract specifics.

    "At this time, the will be weighing their options on where to proceed further with this," said Committee Chairwoman Beth McManus.

    Below are the notes of other things discussed at the School Committee meeting Monday night.

    • $1,200 will be transferred from Project Early for supplies at .
    • As in the past, the School Committee voted to opt out of the School Choice program. This is so that they can keep class sizes smaller and to save money. Students living in Norton still have the option to attend schools in School Choice districts.
    • The Committee took a first stab at drawing up a technology lone policy. Though they aren’t necessarily loaning out technology pieces now, they wanted to make sure something was in place if they do in the future.
    • An edit was made to the 2012-13 School Calendar. They will add Sept. 19 as an early release day to provide time to work with staff for evaluation training.
    • Bi-County Collaborative is seeking approval from membership districts to make changes to the charter. If two-thirds of the districts approve, it will pass. The first is in regards to inactive members. Anyone who misses more than five meetings will be rendered inactive and forfeit membership benefits until they submit a letter to the Board of Directors. Also, there must be seven meetings a year.
    • The Committee approved to pre-pay the special education tuition for next year. Failure to do so would earmark $401,000 for the FY 2013 budget, which they don’t have.
    • An article for Special Town Meeting was approved so that work may be done to the roof. Though the cost is not set in stone, Superintendent Dr. Patricia Ansay said it would cost over $500,000.
    • Cynthia Reardon of retired after 20 years of service.
    • The School Committee said their goodbyes to member Tom Golota. After tomorrow’s vote, his seat will be filled by someone else. Golota will be going on to teach middle school students.

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