Jul 29, 2014

Romney Takes Norton, Five States

Norton casts 862 votes in his favor.

Romney Takes Norton, Five States Romney Takes Norton, Five States Romney Takes Norton, Five States Romney Takes Norton, Five States Romney Takes Norton, Five States

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney ran away with the Republican presidential primary win in Norton this Super Tuesday. Voting with the state, Norton casted 862 votes in his favor.

The unofficial results released from Town Clerk Danielle Sicard revealed that Rick Santorum, who came in second with a total of 171 votes, beat out President Barack Obama by one vote. Coming in fourth was Ron Paul with 130 votes. Newt Gingrich garnered 61 votes, Michele Bachmann four, Rick Perry five and Jon Huntsman finished with one.

Horace A. C. Mello Jr. garnered 913 votes, making him the favorite for the republican State Committeeman. Claire B. Naughton received 185 votes for democrat State Committeewoman and 185 votes were cast for Joseph H. Kaplan as democrat State Committeeman.

Since the polls opened, about 100 people an hour came in to vote. Sicard was hoping for 20 percent of town’s 11,453 registered voters to come out, but only 1,467, or 12.81 percent, showed up to the polls.

In precinct 1, 348 out of 2,582 registered voters casted a ballot; 309 out of 2,492 in precinct 2; 321 out of 2,488 in precinct 3; 305 out of 2,355 in precinct 4; and 184 out of 1,536 in precinct 5.

This year all precincts voted at Norton High School.

"It was really good having just the one location," Danielle Sicard said, noting that everything went smoothly. The only hiccup was that even though the first three rows of the parking lot were reserved for voters, many parked in the secondary lot farther away. However, voting was consistent throughout the day, so traffic was not a problem.

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