Jul 29, 2014
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SOUND OFF: Should Women Serve in Combat?

The Pentagon lifted its ban Thursday on women serving in combat roles, including roles on the front lines of battle. What do you think about the change? Tell us below.

SOUND OFF: Should Women Serve in Combat? SOUND OFF: Should Women Serve in Combat?

The Pentagon made a historic move Thursday when it lifted its ban against women serving in combat, according to USA Today. 

A 1994 restriction prevented women in the military from serving in combat, including service on the front lines. However, many argued, including the American Civil Liberties Union, that reality showed women already serving on the front lines

U.S. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), a member of the Armed Services Committee who strongly supports the historic change, issued the following statement after the announcement. 

“I applaud the Secretary for formally removing the ban," Reed said. "The reality of today’s battlefield is that all who serve are in combat.”

The military's lift of the ban opens up  230,000 posts to women in the military, according to USA Today. 

We wanted to know what you thought about the military's decision to lift the ban. 

On Norton Patch's Facebook Page we asked, "Do you think women should serve in combat?" Here's what users had to say:

David Wellman: it should be there choice

Tony Medeiros Jr.: If she can earn it she can have it if that's her choice. But don't lower the standards.

Keri Martino-Pickett: Yes. Same stipulations should apply, same standards.......anyone qualified should be able to fight for our country on front lines if they do desire.

Holly DeLano: Not sure. Sooooo, when a woman is in a combat unit and becomes pregnant...does she still fight?? Also, of course, this means they are equal in the draft times as well. A woman should be considered her male counterparts equal......but there is no denying there are fundamental differences!

Moe Blagdon: I guess I am old fashion........I think it is a terrible idea. But.......women have actually be there all along just not "legally" recognized.

Lisa Downey Sheedy: Sure, if thats her choice ,why not. With that said, I know it's not for this woman.

Michael Marsolais: First, i think we are confusing what the army is changing. Women have served in combat for years. The army is changing the policy on women serving in combat arms MOS's. For the last fifteen years I have served in the US Army. In my MOS (job) we have females. My MOS is as close to combat arms as you can get. As military police we don't just drive around in police cars and enforce military law. As a matter of fact we hardly so that stuff anymore. We are more of a combat support force that operates in light mobile groups. We conduct combat patrols. We assault enemy position when we come in contact with them. We do a lot of the things the infantry does. All with females. I have seen females with horrible injuries but they are viewed as "battle buddies" not women. I have seen women run circles around men on PT tests. I have seen women push forward while being engaged by an armed enemy while men freeze in the moment. So yes. Women should be able to serve in any MOS (job) they like.

Nick T Schleicher: Absolutely if they are able and pass all the same test/training.

What do you think about the military lifting the ban? Tell us in the comment section below! 

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