Jul 28, 2014

Norwood Police Participate in Simunitions Training

Simunitions is a brand name for a small marking cartridge which allows realistic training in a safe environment for police officers.

Norwood Police Participate in Simunitions Training

The following is from the Norwood Police Department:

A top priority of the Norwood Police is the constant training of its officers. In November of this year all Norwood Police Department personnel participated in Simunitions training. Chief William Brooks has participated in Simunitions training in the past and knows it can be a valuable training tool for officers.

Simunitions is a brand name for a small marking cartridge. It is fired from a specially modified weapon that replicates the real weapons carried by officers. Participating officers and role players wear both face and neck protection. This allows realistic training in a safe environment.

In September, three supervisors from the NPD were sent to Simunitions Instructor Class in Avon, Connecticut. Upon their return the plan for training was developed. Officers also volunteered to assist as needed.

One of the scenarios presented to officers is a traffic stop that turns violent. The scenario is consistent with the potential danger that officers face on a daily basis. Participants were able to observe first hand what is normally instructed within a classroom. Training of this caliber is invaluable to first responders. Other scenarios featured violent role players and some did not. They were designed to test the officers’ skill and judgment and the outcomes were determined by how the officers handled the situations.

In the past, use of force and decision making were taught in the classroom while marksmanship training occurred on the range. Simunitions training combines all aspects in realistic role playing scenarios. The stress and realism levels are high, which allows officers to learn how to function under stress. The training was well received by all who attended.

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