Jul 28, 2014

Karl's Open for Business on Bourbon Street

New location will offer sandwiches, soup and other German fare in European cafe along with beer and wine.

Karl's Open for Business on Bourbon Street Karl's Open for Business on Bourbon Street

The Gokeys made good time setting up shop in Peabody this summer, and they brought their seven-foot sausage sign with them -- the new home of Karl's Sausage Kitchen & European Market over on Bourbon Street officially opened on Monday, starting off the morning with free coffee and pastries for customers.

, moving their niche old world shop from Route 1 in Saugus into a larger space in Peabody.

The new Karl's is not only roomier, but will also have a small European café area for about 20 sit-down customers who will be able to enjoy their lunch or dinner with a German beer or Riesling as well.

The cafe and alcohol service are expected to start by mid-September. There's also a viewing room where customers can watch the sausages being made and the Gokey's say they're getting all their coffee from North Shore roasters Atomic Cafe.

The market has been in business since 1958 and is widely known for its ethnic meats -- more than 50 varieties of homemade sausages, for instance -- and other imported German foods.

The new location at 1 Bourbon St. takes over the empty space left by the former Mastrangelo Carpet store, situated between  and .

The Gokeys received a full liquor license from the city to serve alcohol this past spring. The Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission subsequently signed off on the license in May.

You can follow regular updates and other news at Karl's here or via Facebook.

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