Jul 27, 2014

PHOTOS: Dedication of Christine Barbuto Memorial Garden

City and school officials said the garden represents the community coming together to turn a tragedy into something good -- Barbuto will never be forgotten.

A large crowd turned out Thursday afternoon to dedicate a memorial garden at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School in honor of Christine Barbuto.

Barbuto, whose late mother taught at PVMHS, graduated in 1986. She was on American Airlines Flight 11 when it crashed into one of the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001.

The garden was created and paid for thanks to many volunteer efforts in the community and some funding from the Community Preservation Committee.

"This garden represents a community coming together and turning a tragedy into something good. Christine's life was cut short, but her memory will live on here and she will not be forgotten," said PVMHS Assistant Principal Eric Buckley.

The following original poem was penned by PVMHS English Department Head Michalene Hague, which she read at Thursday's ceremony:

Christine's Garden

Memory shapes its gardens over time.

Its hands move the earth and dig deep wells

To plant perennials signifying your smile,

To water flowers showing the beauty of your youth,

To secure trees and shrubs standing for your nature.

These hands lay paved paths recalling your life,

Place benches inviting our visits for reflection,

And set the solemn stone proclaiming your name.

In this serene setting, we become the witnesses

To the legacies of your stolen life -- to those

Truths that all martyrs know, all gardens know:

Out of death, Life renews;

Out of destruction, Courage grows;

Out of sacrifice, Honor blooms;

Out of ashes, Resolution rises

Seeking justice and peace.

Memory charges us with tilling this soil,

With nurturing your name for all to remember.

This garden is our triumph and your victory!

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