23 Aug 2014
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PHOTOS: Preparing to Vote for the First Time

New English speakers and several newly minted citizens (having spent the required five years waiting to become Americans) were brought through the voting process by a quartet of enthusiastic instructors at NSCAP headquarters on Central Street.

On Nov. 1, 45 adults in North Shore Community Action Programs' English for Speakers of Other Languages program participated in a mock election to get ready for when they will cast their ballots for real next Tuesday.

The students have come to the United States and Peabody from all over the globe -- Morocco, Albania, Senegal are just a few of the native lands represented.

NSCAP staff set up in the agency's offices at 75 Central St. with copies of the ballot, thanks to the City Clerk's office, and one of the temporary voting booths from City Hall.

Three teachers (who are all from Peabody) have spent the past few weeks teaching their adult students vocabulary related to the candidates, their positions and the statewide ballot questions this year.

Several of the students are also new American citizens who will be voting for the first time on Nov. 6, while some students still have to finish out their five-year waiting period to become citizens -- they served as volunteers instead in Thursday's mock election.

As for the results, it was a Democratic landslide all the way.

President/Vice PresidentCandidateVotesObama & Biden42Romney & Ryan 0 Johnson & Gray 1 Stein & Honkala 0Senator in CongressScott Brown 2Elizabeth Warren39Representative in Congress

John Tierney36Richard Tisei 4Governor's CouncilorMaura Ciardiello 1Eileen Duff40Senator in General CourtRichard Jolitz 1Joan Lovely39Ballot Question 1Yes17No 14Ballot Question 2

Yes 2No32Ballot Question 3Yes 2No32

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