23 Aug 2014
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Subway Faces Lawsuit When 'Footlong' Comes Up Short

A national sub chain with locations in Peabody is facing lawsuits that its footlong subs are not 12 inches long.

Subway Faces Lawsuit When 'Footlong' Comes Up Short

Subway, the world’s second largest fast food restaurant chain with two existing stores in Peabody and two more opening soon, is facing accusations that its footlong subs come up short.

On Wednesday, a lawsuit filed by a Marlboro, N.J. used car dealer claimed the company duped customers out of $142 million with its footlong subs not being 12 inches long, reports the New York Post.

Jason Leslie told the Post he felt “like an idiot” after measuring a footlong meatball sub he ate last week only to find it was short of a foot.

He said he pulled out a ruler after reading an earlier story in the Post about Subway sandwiches being shorter than a foot.

Subway has locations now on Summit Street and Route 114 and stores are opening soon at 532 Lowell St. and 150 Main St.

In a statement, Subway told the Post that its “commitment remains steadfast” to making sure every Footlong sub is 12 inches long.

Read the complete story on the New York Post website.

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