23 Aug 2014
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Top Stories of the Week: June 9-15

Catch up on any big stories you missed this week in Peabody.

Top Stories of the Week: June 9-15

Did you miss any big stories this week in Peabody? Follow the links below.

  1. Middleton Man Arrested After Making Illegal U-Turn on Route 1
  2. City to Name New Trail Spur in Memory of Slain Peabody Woman
  3. Missing Elderly Man Has Been Found
  4. Open Houses in Peabody This Week
  5. Woman Says People 'Putting Poison in Her Vents'
  6. Neighborhood Update Tonight on New Higgins School Project
  7. Scrap Metal Stolen on Bradford Road
  8. Caller Said Man Spit on Son in Road Rage Incident
  9. Recently Sold Homes: South Peabody Colonial $451K

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