Jul 29, 2014

UPDATE: Pilgrim Shut Down After 'Minor' Steam Leak

Pilgrim Station operators are investigating what's being called a minor leak in a safety relief valve.

UPDATE: Pilgrim Shut Down After 'Minor' Steam Leak

Updated 3:57 p.m., Jan. 22

According to NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan, an NRC Resident Inspector assigned to Pilgrim was on hand to observe the shutdown. "There were no safety concerns identified during the shutdown. The forced outage was prompted by leakage from one of the plant’s four safety relief valves. Work is under way to replace a pilot valve that is part of the safety relief valve."


Pilgrim Station technicians are investigating the cause of a leak in a safety relief valve, which prompted the shutting down of the plant early Monday morning, plant officials said.

Operators manually shut down the plant at 5:45 a.m. to investigate what's being called "a minor leak associated with a pilot valve on one of the plant’s four safety relief valves," according to a release from Entergy spokesman Carol Wightman. 

"The plant is in a safe, stable condition and there is no threat to public safety."

The plant will remain shut down until "a thorough evaluation of the shutdown is conducted and any necessary repairs are made."

Pilgrim Station was shut down less than two weeks ago because of tripped recirculation pumps, which are used to adjust power levels in the plant, according to a plant spokeswoman. The plant was restarted last Wednesday.

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