Jul 29, 2014

Plymouth High School Students SAT Scores Released

Plymouth high school students scored along the state average on the SATs but the scores varied significantly between the two high schools.

Plymouth High School Students SAT Scores Released Plymouth High School Students SAT Scores Released

Curious how Plymouth students did on this year's SATs?

Here’s your answer, straight from the numbers released this week by the College Board, which administers the test to high school juniors and seniors.

Plymouth North and South testers scored along the state average in Critical Reading, Writing and Math [See Chart Below] Plymouth also scored better than Wareham but lower than Carver, Silver Lake and Duxbury across the board.

The averages for both North and South varry significantly, Plymouth North students scored higher in critical reading (502 to 492) and significantly higher in math (529 to 502) than Plymouth South students, but significantly lower on writing (495 to 529); 211 Plymouth South students took the test to 170 Plymouth North students.

Statewide, average scores increased 1 point on critical reading, remained flat on writing and 2 points on math, according to the  state Department of Early and Secondary Education. State officials are also touting a 12-point gain on math over the past decade.

Bay State students are still scoring higher than their classmates across the nation. Nationally, the average score for public school pupils was 491 in critical reading, 482 in writing and 505 in math, all dropping by one to two points.

High School Test Takers Critical Reading Mean Math Mean Writing Mean Plymouth North 170 502 529 495 Plymouth South 211 492 502 529 Wareham 137 459 466 452 Carver 82 524 517 509 Silver Lake 197 515 549 505 Duxbury 239 541 567 550 Massachusetts average 505 523 500

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