Jul 26, 2014

Comment Corner: Remembering Quinlan Junta

Readers offer fond memories of a man who died too young.

Comment Corner: Remembering Quinlan Junta

Many Reading Patch readers have shared stories about Quinlan Junta over the last 24 hours since the site broke the . Here are some of the more memorable comments. Feel free to add your thoughts below.

Donna Dudley: "When I look at the school photo, all I can think is 'lost potential.'"

Marissa: "Quinlan was always a true gentleman when in my presence. When I saw Quinlan he always asked how I was and how my children were. He held the door for me and thanked me for helping the hockey community. My sincere sympathies to his family as they have lost their son, brother, grandson."

Jody: "I had the honor of knowing Quinlan and his family for years. Quin was a loving son and brother. I hope he is at peace. The past does not matter....let us instead pray for his family."

Stasi: "For those who never got to connect with Quinlan on a personal level, truly missed out. He had a golden heart. He would do anything for his friends and family. His smile was a curve that set everything straight. For over a year now Quin has been looked through the public eye as someone he is not. I think we all can say that we wish we could erase some dark times in our lives... but all of life's experiences, good and bad, make us who we are today. Quin woke up every single day, under the circumstances. He was so committed and eager to start new, to have a fresh slate. He was so responsible when it came to himself and others. He was one of the most generous people I know... he would literally go bare in a blizzard if someone mentioned they were cold. He was that type of person. "God broke our hearts to prove to us that he only takes the best." To the family and friends of Quinlan, always remember that he is your guardian angel. He is closer to you than he has ever been and will always be there. Rest in Peace Quinlan, your incredibly missed."

TM: "I had the pleasure of coaching Quinn in hockey for two years when he was 12 and 13. He had a great heart and was one of the most popular kids on the team. Although, at the time, he and his family were dealing with personal challenges beyond what any of us can likely comprehend, he always came to the rink with a smile on his face and earned the respect of all the players and coaches alike with his attitude and passion for hockey. There are tons of kids that need a few years after high school to figure things out and get on the right track...I believe Quinn had lots of potential and its a travesty that we will never see what he could have made of himself once he got going in the right direction. My prayers are with his mom, dad and sister."

Dan: "Growing up, Quin was a very nice, good kid and loyal friend. Unfortunately he got involved with some things, they became very public, and he wasn't afforded enough time to prove himself to the general public. i think that with time people would have slowly realized his true potential and personality."

R: "I had Quin as a student my first year back in '02 when he was in 7th grade. Although I was only a one on one aide, Quin and I became very good friends and I took him under my wing while his home life was not the best. We stayed friends til the very end and I already miss his laugh and smile. Although his personal life wasnt the best, he truely would give the shirt off his back for anyone in need and was a very good friend to have. I agree with everyone's comments about getting kids know the dangers of drug abuse in small towns, but in this case, this was a kid that never caught a break and was never given a chance because of his personal life. For the past few months, I had the privilege of watching Quin begin to turn his life around for the better and accept the blame for his mistakes in the past. I truely believe God took Quin at a time where he was beginning to hit his full potential and begin to do good for himself. I will miss him every day and thank him for the lessons he bestowed upon me since our days in middle school."

Kerry B: "Quinlan Junta was a great kid. When I heard he died this morning I couldn't believe it, I just spoke to his mother on Monday and we spoke about Quinn. Our families are very close and I can't say a bad thing about them, they are great people, his mother, Michelle, did everything for Quinn and his sister Kendall... She is one of the strongest women I know and so isn't his sister. Who cares about Quinn's past. Let's hear about the authors past. Does it really matter? No. Why couldn't he have wrote that Quinlan Junta of Rerading died and he was known for his unbelievable hockey talent? Quinlan will be missed, such a good kid. Still can't even believe it."

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