Jul 28, 2014
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North Reading Teachers Given Pay Raise in New Contract

The teachers in North Reading have a new three-year contract, and will get a pay raise each year.

North Reading Teachers Given Pay Raise in New Contract

Welcome to You Ask... Patch Answers where we answer readers questions. We recently received questions about the North Reading teacher's contract. Patch readers want to know how much of a pay raise teachers will get each year. Here's your answer.

 The new contract for North Reading teachers was ratified at the last School Committee meeting and will extend from this year to 2015. The teachers will receive a two percent increase in pay each year, but their step increases will no longer start at the beginning of the year. This change is designed to save tax payers money.

According to Superintendent Kathy Willis, the terms of the agreement are:

  • The cost of living adjustment is a two percent increase each year.
  • Step increases will be made mid-year of the fiscal year (on the 92 day) in the first and second year and after the first quarter (the 42 day) in the third year.
  • Benefit reduction in the areas of early retirement and sick leave buyback will take place in the third year.
  • Three subcommittees will be formed to negotiate the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) educator evaluation system, "to discuss modifications to the in-service credit system and salary schedule, and to discuss modifications to the extracurricular stipend structure (including coaches stipends)."

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