Jul 26, 2014

So, Why Doesn't Reading Have a Fourth of July Celebration?

You still have fireworks - they're just a bit early.

So, Why Doesn't Reading Have a Fourth of July Celebration?
Earlier this week, Reading Patch asked where you Reading folks celebrate the Fourth of July, and also if you wished Reading had a celebration of its own. 

Many of you asked, "Well, why doesn't Reading have a Fourth of July celebration?"
Timing it the biggest reason, explained John Feudo, recreation administrator.

"For the past ten years, Reading has used Friends and Family Day, which is typically the second Saturday in June, as its celebration day for residents," said Feudo. "Friends of Reading Recreation has also coupled that day as their Fireworks display night, which many are used to seeing on the Fourth in other communities. The sense is trying to do the event before the end of the school year really works in favor of these two events in terms of participation. The feeling is attendance would be significantly lower if the groups waited until the Fourth of July, as many people head on vacation."

It's worth noting, he said, that both groups in charge of the events are nonprofit groups run by volunteers. The town provides assistance, but they wouldn't be possible without the hard work of the Reading Lions Club and Friends of Reading Recreation. 

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