Jul 29, 2014
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How Can Salem Crosswalks Be Made Safer for Pedestrians?

What measures would you take to make Salem crosswalks safer for pedestrians?

How Can Salem Crosswalks Be Made Safer for Pedestrians?

It seems like almost every month we publish a police log post featuring an entry about another pedestrian struck while crossing a Salem crosswalk.

The most recent incident occurrted at 8:39 a.m. on Christmas Eve, when police responded to a report of a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle on North Street.

The driver of the car was reportedly cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk and the struck pedestrian was transported to Mass General Hospital with "obvious visible injuries" after smashing the car's windshield.

We've even published a Voice in Salem column focused on the dangers of navigating the city's notoriously trecherous crosswalks on Washington Street.

Here are some of the recent reader comments we've received:

Sinead O'Brien: Last weekend a man was violently struck by a car on North St. at Lynde. And again a week later? I live on North, and vehicles drive way, way too fast. It's clearly a danger. Something needs to be done.

Carolyn Costain: I agree with you that cars go way to fast on North st. my sister and walk our dogs to 7/11 for hot chocolate during our walk and nobody wants to stop, even when your in the crosswalk. I can not walk real fast because of a bad knee and i got half way across the street when a car was coming straight at me and sped up while i was in the crosswalk" in the middle of the street," my sister got angry and stood right in front of the car that finely had to stop so I could get across. Like down town they should have cameras on North street and random speed checks.

Maggi Smith-Dalton: The walk light at that intersection has never worked properly...not since day one. AND cars, as you say, drive ridiculously fast there, especially when coming around the corner on the ramp from Bridge St.

ACG: Some mornings no less than a half dozen or more cars will go right past me as I stand part way into their travel lane at the 7/11 crosswalk. I would say most of them are doing 40-45. When someone does stop I have to watch out for the person behind them passing on the right. I do see an SPD officer some mornings sitting near the gas station. So there is a presence. Maybe just not often enough?

Jack Carver: That has to be the worst cross walk. Mostly the pedestrians are hidden by the parked cars at the Old Shell station side of the cross walk and just pop out into traffic. I blame both People just walk right out into the cross walk with out looking and drivers are speeding and texting.


What do you think? Would you support a campaign to raise awareness about crosswalk safety? Do you think part of the problem is pedestrians jumping out into traffic?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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