Jul 28, 2014
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Paczkis Are Back at Coffee Time Bake Shop

The seasonal Polish treats are back on the menu at Salem's Coffee Time Bake Shop.

Paczkis Are Back at Coffee Time Bake Shop Paczkis Are Back at Coffee Time Bake Shop

When an employee at Coffee Time Bake Shop accidentally added three extra zeroes to a sign that was meant to suggest that the shop's paczkis had a million calories, Robert Liani Jr. didn't bother fixing it.

After all, the customers lining up to order these round, sugar-coated, fruit-filled Polish pastries may as well prepare themselves to burn off a billion calories.

Liani Jr., the shop's President, was happy to report Monday afternoon that paczkis were added back to the menu a little earlier this year.

Typically, the shop wouldn't begin selling the pastries until February, but since Easter comes early this year (March 31), the shop started cranking out the paczkis on Jan. 19.

"We used to only sell them on Fat Tuesday, but then we'd have people coming in and asking for them for weeks," Liani Jr. said. "So this year we decided to get them out a little early and sell them all throughout Lent."

For those of you unfamiliar with the paczki, which is pronounced "poonch-key", it is a traditional Polish treat that is usually served on the day before Lent, which is also referred to as Fat Tuesday. 

Paczkis are hand-rolled extra large dough balls that are packed full of raspberry, strawberry, custard and lemon fillings and topped with a sugar glaze and rolled in sugar.

In other words, they're delicious.

Do you love paczkis? Are you willing to put your New Year's resolution aside for one of these delectable treats?

Let us know in the comments section below. 

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