Jul 28, 2014
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Psychic Allegedly Asks for $500 to Cleanse 'Evil' Woman

The Salem Police responded to the incident Sunday after a woman claimed she was scammed.

Psychic Allegedly Asks for $500 to Cleanse 'Evil' Woman

Police say a woman reported she was being scammed Sunday after a palm reader allegedly told her she was "full of evil" and asked for money to "cleanse" her. 

At 2:17 p.m., police responded to Derby Street on a call a woman was being harassed. Police said they met the woman who said she went to Fatima's Psychic Studio to have her palm read.  

The customer said she paid $40 to have the service, but during the session, the reader informed the woman "that her body was full of evil and it would cost her more money to get the evil out of her," police said.

When she asked how much it would cost, police said the customer reported she was informed it would be $500. When the woman said "she did not have that kind of money," police said the woman told them the psychic reader kept lowering the price to $100. 

Police said the customer told them she kept trying to leave the room, but the reader "kept pushing the issue that she needs to be cleansed."Police said the woman was finally able to leave the room, and she proceeded to Derby Street, where police met her. 

The woman told the officer that "she felt like she was being scammed," according to police. Police told her not to go back to the business. 

Police said the issue will be forwarded to detectives as well as the Licensing Board for further review.

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