21 Aug 2014
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Salem Patch Reader Comments of the Week

Here's a look back at some of the comments made by our readers this week.

Salem Patch Reader Comments of the Week

Lovely Says Flooding Among Top Concerns for District

Meghan: What Salem flooding, you can't drive down Canal Street or Jefferson Ave. What about the small businesses there?

gene: Add upper Bridge St to the list. Flooding has driven a number of those businesses right out.

windpower: The flood risk in the blubber hollow area of Salem are real and often . The NOAA weather site has reset their astronimical high tide forcast to show the cover up the rise of tide ..In the past a 12.2 tide at Boston was the highest , now it is 12. 4 . How do I know ? I follow the tide daily and called them out on it last year . . With the greenies crying GW we have all noticed the flooding in this area . The very same area that is planning on affordable housing ,and a senior center ..Get informed Salem this is and will be a reclaimed estuary by mother nature soon.

Backyard Birders Take Note: Winter Bird Count Next Weekend

Daniel Vassily: Over the last year or two we had been seeing an increase in what I like to call High Target Birds at our back Yard Bird Feeders. We have a Black Oil Sunflower seed feeder, a Thistle Seed feeder and a Suet feeder. We've had daily visits of Goldfinches, House Finches, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Cardinals, Bluejays, Purple Finches and House Sparrows. We also have regular sightings of birds like Mourning Doves, the standard Starlings, and few Cow Birds and Crows. The sad thing is that until our neighbor cut down 6 trees on their property we had a group of Downey Woodpeckers and Hairy Woodpeckers that fed regularly but I haven't seen them since the trees were cut down.

Man Beaten During Road Rage Incident Outside Salem Market Basket

adrienne: Nobody is blaming the fine folks at Market Basket! I would NEVER shop there on the weekends when it's packed.  I did once. Yes. Road rage in the parking lot. And, rage amongst the shoppers! God forbid if you stop for a minute in a crowded aisle. There's always an irate customer who would love to ram their carriage right into you. 7 a.m. on Monday morning=peace & civility!

john: I shop at MB all the time and find it rather comical. The place is loaded with ignorant people who only care about themselves. The people not only stop in the middle of an isle but they walk away as if they are the only one shopping. I go there for price only because they have the lowest. That store is so busy they could open another one across the lot at Shaws and still make a fortune. My personal issue with the store is the deli,it's too small and way over crowded. I buy one or two items at the deli but some people clearly live off cold cuts.I love the ones that want to taste a piece.

Nichole: Wow i am in shock. Then again this is the world we live in. Not that this man should have ever been touched. But these days freedom of speech is no longer free. You cant say anything to a stranger cause you never know their reaction. This is a shame. Praying for this father/husband

Bob: What do you expect with most of people who shop there. Road Rage?? What about Isle Rage? Shopping in Pajama's??

Paczkis Are Back at Coffee Time Back Shop

Cheryl: I love Coffee Time's paczkis! They are huge and generously filled with fresh cream and fruit. I love all the flavors, but my favorite is rasberry. Thanks for carrying on the tradition, Rob!

Bruce: Isn't Paczki plural already? The singular is paczek (poon chek) if I remember my very basic Polish.....

jjm10100: I come from a polish family and grew up eating them. Nothing can beat a homemade paczki, they are to die for.

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