21 Aug 2014
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Will Salem Public Schools Get Uniforms? [POLL]

Superintendent Russell says schools are using common sense to determine if parents want to have students in uniforms; surveys are due Monday.

Will Salem Public Schools Get Uniforms? [POLL]

The school uniform survey that parents are being asked to fill out and return by Monday was not designed to be scientific, but rather to give the schools an idea of how parents feel, according to Stephen Russell.

The survey, which went home this week with the students, asks 10 questions – in either English or Spanish.

“This was an informal 'non scientific' survey designed to solicit folks' preferences/opinions on school uniforms,” Russell wrote in an email.

If 51 percent or more of the responding parents at each elementary school vote in favor of having their students wear uniforms, the school principal will appoint a committee of parents and teachers to look “at the pros/cons of school uniforms and whether to go ahead with the idea (or not),” Russell wrote. 

“This process would be used to help ensure that there is enough interest in the school and among the parents to proceed with uniform adoption. For example, if the vote tally is 'too close to count', that's one message. If it's 80 percent in favor vs. 20 percent against, that's another type of message.” 

Russell wrote: “We are trying to insert a 'common sense' factor into the process as well.”  

If the committee decides to go ahead with uniforms, it would develop proposals for design and colors. The superintendent said he expects that the committee will seek out students' opinions as well.

If parents do not want their child to wear a uniform to school, they will be provided with that option, Russell wrote.

“Mayor (Kimberley) Driscoll's and my intent is to follow-through on the many parent suggestions/requests that we received during this past year,” Russell wrote.

One of the suggestions was to adopt school uniforms and use the uniforms “as a way to instill pride in student's and their schools,” he said.

Be sure to take our poll to let us know if you think students should have uniforms, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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