Jul 29, 2014

As Storm Fizzles, Flights Slowly Return to Logan

As Storm Fizzles, Flights Slowly Return to Logan
By  Roberto Scalese

While many southeastern Massachusetts towns got walloped in Tuesday night's storm, Boston and points north were largely spared. Logan Airport never closed during the storm, but scads of flights were delayed of canceled. 

Several airlines started canceling flights on Tuesday, when forecasters called for 8-10 inches of snow. The early cancelations are a new trend with airlines,  according to boston.com. The goal is to spread out delays over time to prevent the days-long jams of people waiting for flights in airport terminals. 

The extreme cold coming in behind this storm may also cause some delays. The Jan. 2 storm was also followed by a cold snap, making ice and snow removal difficult on runways. 

You can check on the status of your flight by using the widget above of checking on the  Logan website

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