Jul 29, 2014
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Animal Control Warns of Coyote in Area

Animal Control Warns of Coyote in Area



Please be advised that the Animal Control Officer reports that a dog has been killed by a coyote in the Lincoln Road area. The dog was tied to a rope at his front door in the morning when the incident occured. There are steps residents can take to personally make their pets and property safer as is recommended by the Mass Department of Fish and Wildlife:

  • Keep pets safe indoors or in a protected yard
  • Keep all animal food indoors
  • Secure trash by using covered cans
  • Take out trash the morning of pick-up and not the night before
  • Keep compost piles in containers designed for that purpose
  • Leave no food scraps around
  • Keep bird feeding areas clean
  • Close off crawl spaces under porches and sheds
  • Cut back brushy edges in your yard
  • Protect livestock and produce

 For more helpful tips from the Massachusetts Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs please check out their website at:


 For additional information, or to report a coyote problem, call the Animal Control Department at 781-784-1513.

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