Jul 29, 2014

Sharon Police Issue Burglary Prevention Notice

Concerned about home safety? Don't fret - the Sharon Police Department is here with tips on how to take additional security measures for your home.

Sharon Police Issue Burglary Prevention Notice

Editor's Note: The following notice was submitted to Sharon Patch by Lt. Tilden Kaufman of the Sharon Police Department.

Over the past several months, the Town of Sharon and surrounding communities have seen numerous house and vehicle burglaries. In this article I will give you some basic reminders to help protect your property from thieves.

When it comes to home security, start with the basics. Lock your doors and windows whenever you leave your house. We have had burglaries when victims left their home for just 30 minutes. If you have an alarm system, use it. Do not leave valuables (laptops, money, jewelry, small electronics, etc.) visible from outside windows. These items could give a potential burglar more incentive to break into your home.

If a burglar enters your home, he will go to your bedroom looking for jewelry and other items of value. They will look for jewelry boxes on top of your dresser and in the drawers. Consider keeping valuables hidden in a closet or locked in a safe. If you find your home has been burglarized, leave and call police immediately from a safe location. When you are home you can help by reporting any suspicious people or vehicles that are in your neighborhood.

In addition to homes, many residents have been victims of motor vehicle burglaries. As above, LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS. Many victims have had items stolen from their unlocked vehicle while it was parked in their driveway. Most of these crimes occur late at night. Try leaving an outside light on or use a sensor light to illuminate your driveway. Do not leave anything of value in your car; thieves will take everything they can carry, including wallets, tools, electronics, etc. Thieves also look for items to steal from vehicles in parking lots (malls, train station, apartment buildings, etc.). If desired items like GPS units, laptops, pocketbooks, cell phones, etc. are visible, a thief may break into your car to steal them. Remove those items from your vehicle or lock them in your trunk.

With both home and vehicle burglaries, try not to touch anything or walk around the area. Officers will search the scene for evidence including fingerprints and footprints. It is recommended that residence keep an inventory log of their valuables. This will assist officers in their investigation. Document serial numbers of all electronics in your home. Photograph jewelry and other items of value so they can be easily identified. Hopefully these reminders will help keep your property safe.

If you have further questions about crime prevention you can contact Officer Steve Fontes, Crime Prevention Officer, at 781-784-1587.

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