Jul 28, 2014

Route 9 Bridge Project Will Mean Traffic Backups

The proposed eight-year project will make crossing Lake Quinsigamond difficult for travelers to Worcester.

Route 9 Bridge Project Will Mean Traffic Backups

Final plans are being worked on for the Route 9 construction project.

The project could take up to three years to complete, and that will mean backups on the bridge that links Route 9 to Shrewsbury and Worcester.

has expressed concerns over emergency vehicles using the bridge during the construction phase because the fastest route to UMass Memorial Medical Center from most areas of town is Route 9.

"The bridge construction on Route 9 that will start this upcoming year will also make it more difficult for the ambulance and fire trucks to get to UMASS and Worcester to help out," he said.

Lawmakers have debated the proposed bridge project, but the final plans have not been completed at this time, according to the Telegram & Gazette.

Earlier this month, some measurements were taken for the project and traffic was limited to one lane, causing delays across the bridge. During the project, Town Planner Kristen Wilson said two lanes each way will be open during the construction.

Let us know what you think of the proposed bridge project. Are you concerned about the traffic during the construction stage? Are you excited to see the bridge improved? What other routes would you take to Worcester?

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CORRECTION: It was incorrectly reported that the bridge project will take eight years. The project will be completed in 2015, according to the state. The funding will be paid in eight years.

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