Jul 26, 2014
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Bizarre: Lizard Found in Davis Square

The Animal Rescue League of Boston took in the Davis Square lizard, which was found in the street Saturday.

Bizarre: Lizard Found in Davis Square

File under "you don't see that every day."

A relatively serious-looking lizard, possibly a bearded dragon, was found crossing the street in Davis Square Saturday.

Well, maybe he wasn't crossing the street, but he was in a crosswalk.

This is according to a Facebook post by the Animal Rescue League of Boston, which took the lizard to its shelter for an evaluation.

The Animal Rescue League wrote: 

ODD SIGHTING!!! Look who we found in a crosswalk in the middle of Davis Square in Somerville!!! He's currently @ the shelter for eval.

Before the Animal Rescue League came to the, well, rescue, a member of Davis Square LiveJournal reported finding the lizard Saturday and keeping it in a cat carrier while seeking advice and assistance about what do to with it, according to the community bulletin site.

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