Jul 29, 2014
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Buddy's Diner Seized, Owed $24,000 in Taxes

The state spent years asking the diner to pay up, according to the Boston Globe.

Buddy's Diner Seized, Owed $24,000 in Taxes Buddy's Diner Seized, Owed $24,000 in Taxes

A few readers on Thursday sent photos of the large orange "SEIZED" sign that was posted in the window of , on Washington Street in East Somerville, asking what's going on.

Well, according to the Boston Globe, the state's Department of Revenue seized the diner because it owes more than $24,000 in meals taxes.

The Globe says the Department of Revenue took the property Wednesday during the lunchtime rush and that it was a "last resort" after years of requesting payments and months of going through the seizure process.

The Globe article talks a little about the history of the diner and includes interviews with regular customers who won't be able to eat there now.

You can read the article here.

To the right are two photos sent by readers.

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