Jul 26, 2014
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Grade Somerville's Snow Response

A+, B-, D ... or F: Did the city get a passing grade in dealing with the blizzard, or are you ready to flunk the whole class and send the students to summer school.

Grade Somerville's Snow Response

If you could grade Somerville's response to the February blizzard, what would it be? A, B, C+, F?

Did the city remove snow fast enough? What about its decisions about school closures and parking bans? Are you pointing fingers, or do you think, given the severity of the storm, things went relatively smoothly?

A number of people have voiced opinions about the city's efforts to clean up after the storm.

One commenter on Somerville Patch, Ivan, said, "We should be able to fine the city for failure to remove snow from bus stops, bridges, and public walkways. Volume of snow my foot. More like poor planning and coordination." Mplo agreed.

But some people disagreed with him. Warren Dew wrote, "This single snowfall was more than the total for the last two years. If you live in New England, you have to expect some inconvenience from the larger storms that happen every few years."

FormerRes commented that he plowed during the storm. "It was [the sheer] volume that halted the city's normal operation after the storm. I plowed 38 straight hours and I'm on the low side of hours worked," he wrote.

Rob Buchanan wrote, "There's no reason why able-bodied folks can't pitch in a bit during emergencies … if people can successfully organize a 'flash-mob' for a snowball fight, then surely we can organize a flash-mob to help our city get back up and running."

So, what do you think? Does the city pass, fail or earn a gentleman's C?

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