Jul 28, 2014
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Is There a Parking Problem in Somerville?

Do you have trouble finding a parking space? What would you do to improve parking in the city?

Is There a Parking Problem in Somerville?

How would you grade the parking situation in Somerville?

Some residents and businesses along Beacon Street are opposed to a plan to reconstruct the roadway that would eliminate parking on one side of the street, saying it would lead to a parking pinch that would hurt business and significantly inconvenience residents. The plan would add cycle tracks to Beacon Street, and some think there's room for both. "There is plenty of parking for everyone on Beacon Street with a cycle track—but the parking that's there has to be properly managed," one commenter, Mark, wrote on Somerville Patch.

But another commenter said a parking squeeze in Somerville forced him and his family out of the city.

"Because my wife got squeezed out of parking options, we had to move away," wrote JohnR.

We want to know: Have you encountered parking problems in Somerville? How does it compare to Cambridge, Boston, Brookline or other nearby communities? How should the city balance driving and parking with other transportation options, like biking, buses and, perhaps one day, the Green Line?

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