Jul 26, 2014

New Animations Depict the MBTA's Past and Future

Check out some interesting online images and animations, one of the planned Green Line extension, another showing how the MBTA has expanded and changed over the years.

The to increase fares and make service cuts and administrative changes to balance its budget.

Given the interest things MBTA, we want to point you to some cool online projects that illuminate both the history and future of the transportation system.

MBTA: An Animated History

The website vanshnookenraggen.com has a cool animation that allows you to watch how the MBTA has grown and changed over time. It starts in 1897 with three stops—at Park Street, Boylston Street and Pleasant Street in downtown Boston—and progresses forward in time. It includes the moment, in 1984, when the Red Line expanded to Porter and Davis squares, and ends in 2009, when the Silver Line to City Point ended and the Silver Line from Dudley Square to South Station opened.

Definitely worth checking out.

"Map of the Future"

The Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership is looking forward in time. It's posted an interactive map on its website depicting future Green Line stops in Somerville—when and if the Green Line comes to Somerville. Click on a station and you can see 3D renderings of future stations, area photos and station plans. If you click on the Ball Square station you get something especially fun to watch: a 3D video giving you a tour of the future station and its surroundings. 

See the interactive map here.

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