Jul 30, 2014
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Paid Language Study for KIDS! (Northeastern)

At Northeastern University's Communication Analysis and Design Lab, we are conducting a Language Development Study looking at how the melody of speech is developed in children. Currently, we are recruiting 4 and 11-year-old children who are typically developing (no speech, language or hearing problems) and who speak English as their only language. This project consists of two sessions (which can be scheduled back-to-back for older children); each approximately 30-45 minutes. During the first session your child's hearing will be tested, they will be asked to pronounce words, and they will be asked questions about pictures and words. The second session takes place in our lab's sound-proof booth where your child will play a computer game to imitate and produce sentences. Certain transportation costs are compensated and your child will receive $40.00 cash at the second session as appreciation for helping out our project! 

For any further information/questions, please contact Nicole at nusher@jbcc.harvard.edu. We look forward to hearing from you! Link for further details:  http://www.cadlab.neu.edu/research.php?name=marionette

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