Jul 30, 2014
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Hubway Bike Share Program To Roll in This Spring

Catch up on the latest news about bicycle infrastructure and programs in Somerville.

Hubway Bike Share Program To Roll in This Spring

Update, Feb. 28, 1:33 p.m.: Hubway will come in the spring, but may not arrive for March, according to Senior Transportation Planner Sarah Spicer.

"The Hubway system will not launch in March," said Spicer. "Our goal has consistently been spring; now we are looking at late spring as we finalize the regional agreements that are enabling the system to takeshape. We will know a more specific date after these agreements are finalizedin the coming week or two."


The Somerville Bicycle Advisory Committee met last Tuesday at City Hall. Here are some highlights from their discussions: 

  • On Hubway: The should reach Somerville by the end of March, as long as there are no snowstorms in the weather forecast, said city planner Sarah Spicer. Since the launch of Hubway in Cambridge has been scheduled for summer, Somerville residents might have an additional advantage in the
  • On Beacon Street: The end to uneven pavement on the city's busiest bicycle route is near. The city has found a consultant to in the summer of next year, said Spicer. The consultant was involved in reconstructing Somerville Avenue in 2007, she said, and is part of a team that has experience with bicycle facilities but none with installing , a feature that the committee has continually said they would like to see there. However, Spicer said that the group will consider including them in the design. Cycle tracks, popular in many European cities, would create a physical barrier-like a curb or even a row of parked cars- between moving vehicles and bike lanes. 
  • On Complete Streets: Spicer and Alex Epstein, the chairman of the bicycle committee, are still working on . Committee members have suggested that Somerville adopt a local policy- or possibly a bylaw- that would guide the design of the city’s roads so that they’re accessible to bicyclists, pedestrians, drivers and MBTA passengers. The Massachusetts Municipal Association has published a model that Epstein has adapted to Somerville and that Spicer said was "on the right track." However, a hallmark of his plan would be that the committee have the chance to review all proposed change to the city's roads. 

The Somerville Bicycle Advisory Committee will meet next on Tuesday, March 20 at 7 p.m. in the employee's lounge in the basement of City Hall. All are welcome to attend. 

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