Jul 29, 2014
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Saturday: Organic Seed Swap at The Armory

Bring seeds, buy seeds, talk about seeds and growing seeds, and check out seed catalogues at Saturday's Winter Farmers Market.

Saturday: Organic Seed Swap at The Armory

The Somerville Seed Swap is taking place Saturday, Feb. 2, at the Somerville Winter Farmers Market.

Organized by the Somerville Community Growing Center, it takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Here's more information from the Community Growing Center:

The Somerville Community Growing Center is pleased to team up with High Mowing Seeds for an Organic Seed Sale!

Order forms are available online  www.thegrowingcenter.org/news . There will also be blank copies available at the SeedSwap during February 2nd's Somerville Winter Farmer's Market.  

Orders can be placed until February 22nd, and seeds will be available for pick up at the Growing Center on March 9th during the Somerville Maple Syrup Boil Down Festival!

The Growing Center invites you to choose from 25 best-selling, easy-to-grow varieties from High Mowing OrganicSeeds.  A .pdf document with all 25 choices, photos, and descriptions is available at  www.thegrowingcenter.org/news .  Varieties include many familiar standards like Tyee Spinach and Red Russian Kale, as well as special varieties like Cosmic Purple Carrot and Mammoth Sunflower!  Up-to-date information regarding the Organic Seed Sale will also be on The Somerville Community Growing Center’s Facebook page. 

By purchasing these 100% certified organic seeds, you are helping the Growing Center raise money that will support a great 2013 season at 22 Vinal Ave! You'll also help create a healthier community by growing your own delicious produce and flowers.  If you have further questions, please email  info@thegrowingcenter.org


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