Jul 25, 2014

SNN reports on Magoun Square is Changing

SNN reports on Magoun Square is Changing
Magoun Square is Changing

Note: Subsequently SNN discovered that the Salvation Army is only closed for renovations and the laundry is closed for repairs due to a fire.

Magoun Square resident Melody Chapin is not Brazilian. But, she told Somerville Neighborhood News, “I’m in solidarity with the Brazilians who are having a hard time keeping their businesses up.” As Chapin walked around Magoun Square recently, she stopped by a Nepali-owned grocery store and bought a Brazilian soda at her favorite bakery, but she also found shuttered shops and boarded-up windows. She’s worried about gentrification and about the fact that lower and middle-income people, including members of the city’s rich immigrant communities, are moving out, leaving the city much poorer. “That’s what really worries me about Somerville, and that’s what I see happening a lot in Somerville, and I don’t like that,” she said. Watch the full interview is below.

Video on Magoun Changing: 

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