Jul 29, 2014
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Somerville Health Department Runs Out of Flu Vaccine

With cases of the flu running high, the city's health department is out of vaccinations. Flu shots should still be available at doctors offices and pharmacies.

Somerville Health Department Runs Out of Flu Vaccine

In the middle of a season with widespread outbreaks of the flu, the Somerville Health Department has run out of flu vaccinations.

The city posted the following announcement on its website:

The City of Somerville's remaining flu clinics for Winter 2012-13 have been cancelled. The City received approximately 700 doses for the season, and administered the final dose of our supply on January 8th.  Residents seeking flu shots at this time are advised to contact your primary care physician, or your local pharmacy.

Meanwhile, the city of Boston Wednesday declared a public health emergency as instances of the flu were ten times higher than they were last year.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said, "This is the worst flu season we’ve seen since 2009."

Though the city of Somerville ran out of vaccinations, residents should, as the Health Department announcement says, be able to get flu shots at doctors officers and pharmacies. Find out where to get a flu vaccination in Somerville here.

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