Jul 30, 2014

Monday: Somerville Hosts Meeting on Ethanol Trains

The trains could bring 1.8 million gallons worth of ethanol through Somerville's borders twice a week.

Monday: Somerville Hosts Meeting on Ethanol Trains

Somerville is hosting a pubilc meeting on ethanol trains Monday.

The meeting, organized by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, will provide information about plans to ship ethanol on trains—dubbed "bomb trains" by some activists—through Somerville, Cambridge, Boston, Chelsea, Everett and other communities on their way to the Global Oil terminal in Revere.

Ethanol is used as a fuel additive in gasoline.

The Somerville Board of Aldermen has opposed the trains, which could bring 1.8 million gallons of ethanol twice a week along Commuter Rail lines past dense neighborhoods in the city. Members of the Board of Aldermen and activists elsewhere have argued the trains are dangerous. Other communities have also opposed the trains.

The meeting takes place at the Argenziano School at 6:30 p.m.

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