Jul 29, 2014
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The Best Places for a Romantic Dinner in Somerville

Lil’ Vinny’s tops the list of reader picks for every mood.

The Best Places for a Romantic Dinner in Somerville

For this week’s Patch Picks, we asked for your tips on where to go for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner in Somerville--and you delivered like a pack of helpful, arrow-shooting cupids.

Lil’ Vinny’s has a clear following for its great, classic Italian cooking and vibe. Suggestions also came in for everything from a gourmand’s treat for the senses at Journeyman or Bergamot or a candlelight meal at Gargoyle’s or Sabur to a fun, easygoing romantic night at Mike’s over hearty food and cheap beer.

So whether you can still snag a table for Valentine’s Day or if you just want to pocket these tips for another night out, here’s where other Somervillian’s suggest you go to amp up the romance:

  1. has the food, the vibe, and the most votes.
  2. “! What could be more romantic, Somerville-style?” said Melissa McWhinney.
  3. ,
  4. , and
  5. , all got votes from fans of fine food.
  6. was dubbed THE spot for romance.
  7. And finally, save this one for summer: Matthew McLaughlin, said, “Have a picnic and go to . Of course, this isn't a good idea in February...”

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