19 Aug 2014
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Letter: Don't Give Up on Development Proposals

A group of small business owners would like to see two recently scrapped development proposals back on the table.

Letter: Don't Give Up on Development Proposals

Dear Neighbors:

With great disappointment we read about the opposition to two proposed South End projects.

The first, on the corner of Washington and Worcester Square, and the second was the opposition to on the corner of West Newton Street.

Both proposals were presented by current South End small business owners in an effort to revitalize an area outside of the eight-streets neighborhoods. We, as fellow small business owners, hope that Mr. Robertson/Mr. Hajj and Mr. Deluty will reconsider their proposals.

The empty commercial spaces in our neighborhood impact all businesses regardless of size or specialty. They threaten our businesses and our neighborhood with dark, unkept storefronts, less foot traffic, and crime. Keeping these businesses out will give us one less neighbor to call on to contribute to our community, keep our streets messy and will keep lights off on a precarious part of Washington Street.

When neighborhoods say "no" to a new business or put too many regulations in place, it hurts all of the small businesses around them. Washington Street is a busy area, certainly not what one would consider quaint; the "noise" and foot traffic that these businesses would bring would help us all.

The South End is a vibrant, exciting, creative community, and we want to keep it that way. Let's leave the close-mindedness and opposition to other areas of Boston.

Mr. Robertson/Mr. Hajj and Mr. Deluty, you have our full support, and we hope you will move forward to expand your businesses. Let us know what you need from us.


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Be sure to check out this  from the Board of Directors of Washington Gateway Main Street.

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