19 Aug 2014
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Halloween Safety Tips from the Boston Fire Department

Keep your children and loved ones safe this Halloween with tips from the Boston Fire Department.

Halloween Safety Tips from the Boston Fire Department

From safety tips on trick-or-treating or guidance about costumes, the Boston Fire Department has released a list of procedures all Boston parents and guardians should take to keep loved ones safe this Halloween. 


  • Small children should always be accompanied by an adult. They should also be taken out early.
  • Know what neighborhoods children will be in.
  • Don't allow them in areas you're not completely comfortable with.
  • Children should stay in a group.
  • There should be ground rules set first, like what time to be home.
  • Give children change to use a pay phone, if necessary. 
  • Always use sidewalks.
  • Cover one side of the street at a time - no criss-crossing.
  • Never enter a stranger's home or accept a ride. 
  • Only approach houses with lights on outside. 
  • Bags should be checked by adults before eating a single treat. 


  • Costumes should be bright-colored with reflective tape.
  • Be sure all parts of the costumes are labeled "flame retardant."
  • Costumes should not have trailing material or long tails.
  • Pointed objects such as swords and devil's forks should be made of soft material.
  • All masks should have eye holes large enough to see through clearly.
  • Children should wear sturdy shoes and temperature-appropriate clothing underneath their costumes. 

Receiving Trick-or-Treaters and Decorations

  • Make sure your home is well-lit.
  • Make sure there is a clear path to your door (remove bicycles or lawn furniture that could be in the way.)
  • Use a small flashlight in pumpkins instead of a candle.
  • Only use flame-proof crepe paper.
  • Keep dried leaves and corn stalks away from all flames and heat sources. 
  • Firecrackers, cherry bombs and fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts. They can cause injury and fires on Halloween and should not be used.

Checking Treats

  • Throw out anything that appears to be tampered with, is home made or home packaged, unless you are certain of the source.
  • Inspect fruit closely.
  • Take away treats that are not age appropriate (young children can choke on hard candies or peanuts.) 

Note: Information used in this guide was taken directly from a Boston Fire Department flyer on Halloween safety. You can read the full notice here

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