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An Oscar Movie Guide for Busy TV Lovers

Game the Oscar list by using your favorite TV shows as a guide.

An Oscar Movie Guide for Busy TV Lovers
It happens to the best of us. Oscar nominations are announced and all of the sudden you feel a need to get to the theater. So, you pick a flick, book a sitter, get out there … and then end up bitter and feeling like you chose the wrong Oscar-nominated movie on your precious night out.

It’s especially painful for those who only get to the movies once or twice a year because of kids, crazy schedules, demanding jobs—or, more likely, a combination of all three.

This year, to ensure you pick the perfect movie, why not rely on your TV tastes?

Here’s what we suggest:

If you Like: "Breaking Bad"
Go see: " Dallas Buyers Club"
Here's why: Walter White fans who loved his journey from ordinary chemistry teacher to drug lord will love this flick with Matthew McConaughey defying the FDA to launch his own illegal drug ring—albeit for a noble cause.

If you Like: "The Big Bang Theory"
Go see:  " Her"
Here's why: Having fallen in love with the voice of a computer program, it's safe to say that Joaquin Phoenix's character in "Her" has some relationship issues. So do the four lovable science nerds whose dating lives we follow in "The Big Bang Theory."

If you Like: "Dr. Who"
Go see:  " Gravity"
Here's why: The views of Earth in "Gravity" alone are sure to thrill those who revel in the vast expanse of Dr. Who's universe.

If you Like: "Louis"
Go see:  " Nebraska"
Here's why: Both of these get at questions of human nature. How can life be simultaneously funny, excruciating, horrible and sweet?

If you Like: "Masters of Sex"
Go see:  " American Hustle"
Here's why: If you are watching "Masters of Sex," then you're not remotely prudish. One look at Amy Adams' wardrobe in "American Hustle" will explain why I’ve put these two together.

If you Like: "Game of Thrones"
Go see: " Captain Phillips"
Here's why:  This is a match made in adrenaline heaven. However, if you are into "Game of Thrones" for its raciness, you may want to check out "American Hustle" instead.

If you Like: "Downton Abbey"
Go see: " Philomena"
Here's why: British accents and buried secrets are enough to pair these two together.

If you Like: "John Adams"
Go see: " 12 Years a Slave"
Here's why: The common denominator of these two is three-fold: history, suffering, and rectitude. Oh, and Paul Giamatti!

If you Like: "House of Cards"
Go see:  " The Wolf of Wall Street"
Here's why:  Anyone who loves watching Kevin Spacey wield power and wealth as Frank Underwood in "House of Cards" will surely delight in the corruption wrought by Leonardo DiCaprio's character, a stockbroker, in "The Wolf of Wall Street."

Clicking on any of the movie titles will take you to their website for more information and to view the film's trailer.

Do you have suggestions for other television shows that would pair well with any of the seven movies nominated for Best Picture? Tell us in the comments section below or in a blog post.

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