Jul 29, 2014
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Abuse of Town Snow Plowing

If you're a 40 year old single woman get outside and ask for a little help from the town plow truck. I just saw a town plow truck plow out a 40 year old single woman that asked them to help her. What about my elderly neighbors who need help shoveling/snow-blowing? Why not plow them out first? That's a better use of our tax dollars!  I don't want my taxes spent on a 40 year old woman, who can lift her arms perfectly fine.  I wouldn't mind if it was an elderly neighbor instead of this 40 year old woman winking her eyes at men pretending she's helpless. This is an abuse of our tax dollars. Put a stop to it now or else plow everybody in town's driveway out as well. What's good for one is good for all. Please address this issue or else we'll get a mob of elderly up at the next town meeting. Thank you.

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