Jul 29, 2014

Change Has Already Happened

Change Has Already Happened
Change happened eight months ago. As someone who attends town meeting and follows the issues, I am thrilled with the changes Ann Marie O'Neill has made for Stoneham. From helping seniors get funding for eyeglasses and services for the Senior Center to seeking out sources to bring back music in our schools, it is evident that O’Neill cares about all of our residents. O’Neill has worked effortlessly to raise funds to beautify Stoneham Square and the traffic islands by seeking out local businesses as sponsors. O’Neill fought to keep beer and wine out of our gas stations. She has become active in Stoneham’s Drug and Alcohol Coalition which helps prevent drug/alcohol addiction. O’Neill also fought the housing development proposed for the Weiss Farm land. Much of her input was used in the letter to Mass Housing as an argument against the project. O’Neill has lobbied for an Economic Developer and because of this the funding for an Economic Developer has been approved. Ann Marie O’Neill has only been in office for 8 months! She has done more in 8 months for our community than most have done in years. Change happened 8 months ago!

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