Jul 28, 2014
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Five Ways to Beat the Heat in Stoneham

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Five Ways to Beat the Heat in Stoneham

1. Get ice cream: Got a craving for ice cream or frozen yogurt? A couple local places to get your cold desserts include The Daily Scoop, 232 Main St., , 474 Main St.,  at 611 Main St. and , 8 Central St.

2. Homemade snack: Not in the mood for ice cream, but still want a cold refreshing dessert to eat? Why not head to the grocery store, buy some cranberry or orange juice, pour them into ice trays and make juice cubes or popsicles? Don't forget the popsicle sticks!

3. Quiet and cool place to go: Need to beat the heat while also catching up on some reading? Head to  and you'll cover both bases thanks to their wide selection of books and air conditioned space.

4. Find a pool: With and the wading pool opening Saturday, June 23, you'll need to find a friend, family member or somewhere else that has a pool.

5. Don't move a muscle: Unless you don't have any fans or air conditioning in your house, it may be best to just stay put and work from home rather than brave the elements if you have that option, especially given the excessive heat forecasts.

How are you keeping cool? Post a comment below.

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