Jul 28, 2014
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Let No Child Go Hungry in Stoneham

Let No Child Go Hungry in Stoneham

Watching the videotape of the March 6,2014 School Committee the Superintendent mentioned the possibility of increasing the cost of school lunches although he did say they would try not to.  Inquiring minds want to know if our public school system uses all possible funds available from grants, school lunch programs and private donations.  A little research on my part showed the following that also indicated that there were some programs available for all students and not just low income.



If our schools do get re-imbursement is it indicated in the school budget?


For your information these are just a few sites to look at:


ü  http://join.nokidhungry.org/site/PageNavigator/school_meals.html?gclid=CJWhr9CbiL0CFUcV7Aodn1UAkg


ü  http://www.fns.usda.gov/farmtoschool/farm-school


ü  http://www.grantps.net/P/Food%20Service


ü  http://www.doe.mass.edu/cnp/nprograms/nslp.html



I realize that finding and researching other avenues to secure funding for various programs is a time consuming process and there are many priorities that the Superintendent must cover that require his full attention.  That being said possibly the school administration should consider or the PTO a grant committee with the mission of seeking remedies to defray costs of all needed programs in our schools.


By the way the last few minutes of the March 6th meeting indicated that the Superintendent did write to the Selectmen timely about the safety and traffic issues of the Weiss Farm development   It is now shown dated November 25,2013 on the Weiss Farm section of the Web Site.  It covers in detail the traffic study.


This alone in a normal persons mind should be enough for Mass Housing to deny the comprehensive permit.  However it may not be sufficient.  Besides traffic studies and high density one must seriously consider soil erosion, flooding and contamination of our water supply.  All boards when sending in responses to the Board of Appeals must consider all issues that a development of this size can do.


Not only should we make sure that no child goes hungry in our town but also we must all protect their health and all residents’ health by prote

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