Jul 26, 2014

News Nearby: Shots Fired in Malden Armed Robbery

Find out what other stories made headlines in the Stoneham region last week.

News Nearby: Shots Fired in Malden Armed Robbery

Here's a look at some of the stories making headlines in the Stoneham region last week:


Six applicants are in the running for Arlington's two new liquor-store licenses, . They are expected to appear before Arlington's town council this week. The locations are: Arlington Heights Liquors, Arlington Wine & Spirits, Foodmaster Super Markets, The Meat House, Mystic Wine Shoppe, and Peter Pan Superette.


: A man fired at least one shot during an armed robbery on Ferry Street in Malden late Thursday night, prompting a manhunt and an unsuccessful police raid at a condemned property nearby. A witness said the hooded gunman entered  around 10:30 p.m., shoving the weapon at the cashier's chest and demanding money from the register. The suspect then reportedly fired the weapon into the ceiling before fleeing on foot with cash. 


:  Union Square Rising, a group that opposes a proposed 40-unit affordable housing development in Union Square, picketed a community meeting about the project Wednesday night. One person attending the meeting called the protesters "racist pigs" as he walked into the school cafeteria where it was taking place. Inside the school, about 100 people participated in a comparatively uneventful presentation about the project's design features.


: A  owned by a retired police officer was arson, according to fire officials. Jim Covino and his two daughters were  awoken by the smoke detectors and escaped without any injuries, according to  Fox 25 News. He told firefighters on scene he originally thought the alarm was false, but once he smelled the smoke and saw the fire coming from the front doors, that's when he retrieved his 9- and 13-year-old girls.

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