Jul 28, 2014
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Will You Adopt Captain and Morgan?

This shy duo needs a caring home to go to.

Will You Adopt Captain and Morgan?

[Editor's note: The following column was submitted by Lots of Love Cat Rescue.]

Ahoy there! Come aboard and meet our pirate kittens, Captain and Morgan. Upon laying eyes on them, you might want to shout, “Well shiver me timbers!” because together, these adorable mates share a pair of eyes. That’s right, Captain has the left one and his sister, the right one. However, they can run with the best of them, with their amusing kitten energy.

Before saved, both lived a harsh outside life, constant pain from infected eyes. Because someone spotted them and took action, they became the lucky ones. Both kittens are healthy and stunning. Captain has a beautiful blend of gray and white fur. His right eye had to be removed because it was so infected. However, his left eye is fine.

Meanwhile, Morgan has gorgeous marmalade chocolate and black markings. Her eye was painfully infected and although her left eye is blind, her right one is fine. At about six months young and healthy, they’re fine with cats and dogs they live with. This adorable crew of two need just a little encouragement to rid away their shyness.

Once scooped into your arms, they settle in nicely. And with a little training, both can learn how to be lap cats and just may stick to you, barnacle-style. Going together would be nice, but will do fine apart too. Even though they don’t require any special needs, people overlook cats with disabilities. We save them from a horrible life and then worry will anyone want the “special needs” ones? But we know there is something very special about having that overlooked cat and you will be rewarded with all their hidden treasures, just waiting to unfold.

For an adoption application or to see our other adoptable kittens and cats, visit the Lots of Love Cat Rescue  website, email LOL_CR@hotmail.com or call 781-850-6684. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made online, or mail Lots Of Love Cat Rescue, P.O. Box 396, Wilmington, MA, 01887.

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