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ABOUT TOWN: Downtown Roof Collapse Impacts Neighboring Business

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ABOUT TOWN: Downtown Roof Collapse Impacts Neighboring Business ABOUT TOWN: Downtown Roof Collapse Impacts Neighboring Business ABOUT TOWN: Downtown Roof Collapse Impacts Neighboring Business ABOUT TOWN: Downtown Roof Collapse Impacts Neighboring Business

RESTAURANT FORCED TO CLOSE:  The the old Cheng-Du restaurant has dealt a financial blow to a neighboring restaurant.  Said Safai, owner of , tells About Town that he was forced to close.  "The Building Inspector told me that because of the cave in next door, we had to close up our place for 30 days, while they repair the adjacent walls and roof."    

Safai said he has worked hard to build up a crowd of regular customers who enjoy his Middle Eastern delicacies, and he is afraid of losing them.  "Please tell my customers that I WILL be re-opening as soon as we can."  Check this space for details on his re-opening later this month or in March.     

Despite the fact that the Town ordered the closing of Kabob House, another restaurant, , which shares the same roof and rear walls, was allowed to be left open.

ROUNDUP OF TWO FUNDRAISERS LAST SATURDAY:  Since people have been asking about the two fundraisers, About Town presents this roundup:

* On Saturday, February 5, 2011, the friends of Leonard and Debra Belyea showed up in force at the Sons of Italy. People were extremely generous, and Belyea told Snyder's Stoughton/About Town that it was great to see so many people. "I saw people I have not seen in years, and most of my neighbors showed up. It's heartwarming."

Belyea said that he and his wife are living in a trailer next to the house, while he sorts out different companies that are making a pitch to fix his house. His daughter Melissa estimated it could be 4-6 months before her parents can move back in. You may remember that the Belyea family were the victims of a on New Year's Eve, that caused extensive damage and killed their daughter's two pet dogs,

Melissa said she bought two new Chihuahua's from a breeder. If you couldn't make the fundraiser, you can still help. Checks may be made to: Debra & Leonard Belyea and dropped off at the Sons of Italy to Maureen Stringer. Faces In The Crowd: Former Town Manager and Town Clerk Jeanne Fleming.

* Over 220 people crowded into the Portuguese National Club on Saturday night (2/5) to help raise the nearly $9000 that was pledged by Bob Evangelista and Jack Raeke at a School Committee meeting last Fall, that allowed three assistant coaching positions to be restored in football, baseball and softball.

The Woodard family, and a large committee of volunteers, presented a fun evening of music (featuring Jack Raeke, with his band, The Standards), food, and fun, with silent auction, 50-50 raffle, and more. School Committee member Deborah Sovinee won the cash raffle, and donated all the money back to the Stoughton High Athletic Department. She was the only School Committee member at the event.

Early estimates were that the amount needed would be raised during the night.

Among those in the crowd were a group of elementary school teachers. Other Faces In The Crowd: Town Manager Frank Crimmins, Jr., Finance Committee Chairman Holly Boykin, SMAC Board Member Stephen Bates, Town Hall Secretary Denise Lochiatto; Anne Havlin of St. Anthony's Free Market; Stoughton High Athletic Director Ryan Donahue; Stoughton High Principal Matt Colantonio; and Stoughton High Head Football Coach Greg Burke. Missed the event? You can still help. You can mail monetary donations by check made payable to Stoughton High School Athletics to: 30 Central Dr. Stoughton, Ma 02072.

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