Jul 28, 2014
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Sand Castle Contest at Ames Pond

The Stoughton Recreation Department held a Sand Castle Contest as part of their Family Fun Day at Ames Pond on August 9.

Sand Castle Contest at Ames Pond Sand Castle Contest at Ames Pond Sand Castle Contest at Ames Pond

As part of the Family Fun Day at on August 9, there was a sand castle contest awarding castles in a number of categories like for most tropical or eco-friendly or for which one had the best pirate theme or for which one was the most eye-catching.

Photos are courtesy of the Stoughton Recreation Department. A list of winners (provided by the Stoughton Recreation Department) is below.

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Sand Castle Winners:

  • Best Eco Friendly – Walter Beary
  • Most Complex – the team of Mia, Ahn, Olivia, Emma, Kara & Samantha
  • Most Creative – the team of Luke & Lydia
  • Most Tropical – the team of Dylan, Nicole and Amanda
  • Most Inventive – the team of Hayden & Jordan
  • Most Artistic – Emma Tremblay
  • Best Overall – the team of Mia, Emma, Amari, John & Cody
  • Best Accessories – the team of Jesse & Christian
  • Best Pirate Theme – the team of Ashley, Anthony, Ricky & Paul (ARRGWORTHY)
  • Most Magnanimous – Kate & Allie
  • Most Realistic – the team of Dorian, Jayden & Morgan
  • Best Young Inventor – Emily Mone
  • Most Eye Catching – Jill, Megan, Devyn

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