Jul 29, 2014
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SPS Plans to Slash Teacher Positions for Technology: Good or Bad?

Superintendent Anne Wilson presented a non-override budget that would eliminate 5 teaching positions.

SPS Plans to Slash Teacher Positions for Technology: Good or Bad?
It's teachers vs. technology at Sudbury Public Schools.

During a recent SPS Committee meeting taped by Sudbury TV, Superintendent Anne Wilson presented a preliminary non-override budget of about $38.5 million for FY15 that would be a 2.5 percent increase from FY14.

Wilson's budget would cost five full-time teaching positions, about $250,000 in salary, in favor of a 1:1 technology program, and middle school co-teaching, technician and technician specialist positions, totaling about $242,000 in salary.

One committee member was adamant about his disapproval of eliminating teacher positions.

"I just think as a town, as a district we send the wrong message to our parents, students, and teachers if we cut five teaching positions and we add technology," Scott Nassa said. "I don’t want to lose any teachers."

Wilson said the eliminations will be through retirements and allocating staff. 

"We’re not sending a message," she said. "We’re not cutting teachers' positions. I don’t anticipate eliminating anyone’s positions or anyone receiving a notice that they don't have a job next year."

Nassa said he would like to keep teachers so to help bring down the average class size. Fellow member Ellen Winer Joachim noted class sizes are currently below the 24-student guideline.

Wilson said an analysis done on class reductions showed SPS doesn't have the space to add classrooms.

The Committee voted in favor of the budget by a 3-1 vote.

What's your take? Are you in favor of slashing teacher positions for technology? Tell us in the comments section below.

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