Jul 29, 2014
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Was Manti Te'o Involved in the Internet Dating Hoax?

The Notre Dame linebacker has been topping news reports all week after it was discovered his dead girlfriend wasn't a real person, after all.

Was Manti Te'o Involved in the Internet Dating Hoax?

When news broke that  Manti Te'o's dead girlfriend wasn't real, news organizations including  CNN and  ESPN hopped on the story and tried to get to the bottom of it.

While Te'o and the Notre Dame Athletic Department maintain that  he was the victim of a 'Catfish' type of Internet dating hoax , others aren't so hopeful. 

"Te’o actually thought the romance, which, like everything these days, started online, was for real," A  Chicago Sun-Times writer argues. "And when he found out he’d been goofed on, played like a high school geek who just received a 36-month swirlie — plus, he had played along with his own lies — he grasped for dignity and killed off the chick ."

The term 'Catfish' was popularized by a movie and subsequent TV show, which explores online relationships and shows them to be fraud a majority of the time.

Do you think Te'o was duped? Or was he involved the whole time? Tell us in the comments and tell us if you've ever been duped like this.

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